Overwatch: Torbjorn Will Be More Versatile After Major Overhaul

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While there are certain situations where Torbjorn can actually be useful right now, in general, the hero’s functionality is just too narrow and situational for many making him one of the least popular heroes but that might change after the update from Blizzard.

After the update arrives, Torbjorn will not have armor packs or the scrap system. What his second ability will be after the update is Overload which looks a lot like his Ultimate ability right now. The ability will give bonus speed, damage resistance and increase fire rate.

Since that is his second ability now, his Ultimate will be different as well. Called Molten COre, Torbjorn will shoot out pools of liquid magma with does AOE damage and will do extra against armored opponents.

His turret will no longer have a level, all turret will be the second level turret. All these changes will be made when the next major patch arrives.

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