Overwatch Summer Games 2018 New Costume Not Cringy At All

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Just like the previous Summer Games, we were already expecting Blizzard to release a few new costumes for their 2018 Summer Games but what we initially thought was going to be a corny set of summer costume actually turned out pretty decent.

Most people were expecting some sort of beachwear to celebrate the summer but Blizzard actually chooses to go for the football theme which is a nice change. The hero Reinhardt will be getting a nice football costume armour while D.Va’s Meka will be getting a blue armour with flowers. D’Va also got a new casual uniform to match the fresh new vibe of her Meka.

The Summer Games event will be starting on the 9th of August. This will be the third Summer Games event. Amazon and Twitch Prime members will also get more freebies from now until the 3rd of September in celebration of the games.