Overwatch: Still Great Despite Huge Dissapointment

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It was initially rumoured that the next hero for the game Overwatch would be voiced by the actor Terry Crews but it has now been revealed that Terry Crews will not be voicing the new hero but that does not make the hero any less exciting.

The newly release hero is called Doomfist and like what the rumour has suggested, the hero will be from Nigeria and here is what the Offence Hero can do. His first skill is called Hand Connon where he fires short-range burst from the knuckles of his fist.

The second skill is called Seismic Slam where he leaps forward and smashes into the ground knocking and pulling nearby enemies towards him. The third skill is called Rising Uppercut where he uppercuts enemies up into the air. There is also Rocket Punch, and also Meteor Strike.

Blizzard also released a new animated story trailer for Doomfist to give fans an idea of what the hero is about and where he came from. The hero is currently available on the PTR so you can go try him out.

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