Overwatch: New Hero Comes In Like A Wrecking Ball

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The guessing game is over and after all the speculation, it was finally revealed that the thing that Blizzard was trying to tease is actually a new hero.

The new hero is called Hammond, whose in-game code name is Wrecking Ball. The hamster can transform from his mech into a giant ball and roll around in the battlefield. He also has the Quad Cannons, automatic firearms and also grappling hook that he can fire around to swing around the arena. With enough speed, he can also knock back and deal damage to his enemies.

Hammond can also protect himself with Adaptive Shield which will act like a Wrecking Ball. Then there is Piledriver which will slam Wrecking Ball into the ground to deal damage. The ultimate will be Minefield which will litter the ground with proximity sensitive explosives.

PC players can try out Wrecking Ball now through Public Test Realm. The hero will officially be released on the 24th of July.

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