Overwatch New Feature Will Keep You Busy Before The Match Starts

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Overwatch will be getting the Year of the Dog update this week and one of the new features that fans can look forward to is the changing of the skin before the match starts.

According to the reports, fans will now have the option to change the skin of their character at the start of the match. This is one of the features that fans have been asking for and it is nice to see that Blizzard has been listening.

Once the match is in progress, the players won’t be able to change the skin anymore. This is to avoid players from ruining the game by wasting too much time choosing a skin mid-match.

The new Year of the Dog event will also be starting on the 8th of February. The event will bring in a new map set in Thailand and it will be the first Overwatch map made specifically for Capture The Flag.

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