Overwatch New Character Sombra Teased For Halloween

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Fans of Overwatch are waiting to hear more about rumors of a new character coming to the game with the name of Sombra and the upcoming Halloween event that is going to happen.

Just a few days ago Halloween loot boxes made an appearance on Xbox Live Marketplace and they revealed a themed Halloween event for Overwatch. Now we have heard even more news Halloween is going to be something special gamers.

It is thought that new costumes are going and we have seen four costumes leaked. It looks like Mercy is going to have a witch costumer, with Reaper will have a Jack-O-Lantern helmet, Junkrat is going be a mad scientist called Dr. Junkenstein and Road hog will be Dr. Junkensteins monster.

Along with introducing new Halloween costumes it was said that there will also be a brand new game mode in Overwatch. The mode will have a Halloween theme of course so you can expect to have to defend a castle from the Zomnics. While it sounds a lot like the Horde Mode, it is thought there may be a twist on the multiplayer experience.

We also heard news about a new DLC character, Sombra, along with submachine gun, purple jacket and advanced gloves. Sombra is a hacker that is linked with a gang.

At the moment there isn’t confirmation from Blizzard about the Halloween event for Overwatch as we expect to hear from them anytime soon.

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