Overwatch New Character On The Way?

In Overwatch’s lore, there was always the mention of Liao, the six Overwatch founder and it looks like we might be getting Liao as the next character for the game.

Overwatch recently tweeted of the “Personal Log of Dr. Mina Liao” and from what we know from the log, it was revealed that Mina Liao is an AI researcher that worked on the Athene prototype. Since that tweet, Micheal Chue tweeted that Liao is an important character.

Of course, this does not mean anything right now and there are still a lot more that we do not know about the character including the gender of the person but with the full name now revealed, some people have speculated that the character could be the white-haired women on the cover of the graphic novel.

While we continue to get new content for Overwatch, the developer is also working on Overwatch 2 which does not have a release date right now.