Overwatch Hero Pools Getting A Revised With Update

Players of Overwatch can expect to see some major change happen to the game very soon as Blizzard announces that they will be updated the hero pool along with the map pool system.

The hero pools for competitive play and Overwatch League will now be unified into some pool on the 13th of April. That means any heroes that have a play rate about a certain amount in competitive matches will be allowed to be removed. The higher the play rate, the higher its chance of getting removed. The pools will take away from Support, one Tank and two Damaged characters. Heroes will also not be removed two weeks in a row.

On the 14th of April onwards, the game will also stop rotating map pools. That means in competitive play, all maps will be included except for Paris and Horizon Lunar Colony which needs a few adjustments before they can be included.

Fans can also look forward to seeing the new hero Echo get added to the game.