Overwatch: Hero Pool For Competitive To Shift Soon

To keep the season exciting for the fans, the game Overwatch will now be getting a new Hero Pools. These pools will be a different take on hero bans in competitive play in tournaments where players will choose what hero they want and what hero their opponent should not get.

For the Competitive Season 21, there will be four heroes that will be banned from the game each week. These same heroes will also be banned in competitive play. Only modes that will not be affected by the bans will be Quick Play and Arcade.

This week, the heroes that will be banned include Hanzo, Mei, Orisa, and Baptiste which follows the one tank, one support, and two DPS, a formula that the game has been following since the start. According to Blizzard, they wanted to do this so that the meta can change from time to time as they do not one a single hero to dominate the game or one meta to take over the competition.

What do you think of this?