Overwatch: Genji & Hanzo Were One

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Earlier this week, Jeff Kaplan reveal some of the secrets of their tank and support heroes and now he is revealing secrets that we might not know about the Defensive and offensive heroes in the game.

Most people are pretty happy with the abilities of Genji and Hanzo but could you imagine how different the game would be if these two characters were one. In the video, Kaplan reveals that Genji and Hanzo were originally the same characters and that he had a bow, katana, shuriken, and could also do stealth kills. Everybody ended up being miserable and they changed it.

Reaper almost got Sombra’s ability to see low health character and while that would be nice, it would have probably made Reaper a little too powerful. You can check out both videos below to know more about your favorite Overwatch hero.

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