Overwatch Follow Up Teaser Is Equally Confusing

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Blizzard released a new teaser for their game Overwatch not too long ago suggesting that something new will be coming to the game but fans are not sure if it is going to be a hero or a new map.

If you thought that the new teaser would help clear things up, think again because the second teaser is equally as confusing. Like the first teaser, the second teaser shows the same back street and this time, a large boulder can be seen rolling by.

Fans took a close look and realize that the boulder is actually had lights and seems to be armored. This has led fans to speculate that this is either an ability of a new hero or maybe this is the new hero.

There were rumors saying that the next new hero could be Hammond, an animal that was experimented alongside Winston. We know that he was listed as unknown in the Horizon Lunar Colony map.

What do you think?