Overwatch: D.Va To Be Even More Aggresive

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With what D.Va is capable of right now, you can play fairly aggressive with her and not get punished for it and it looks like Blizzard wants to you to push things even more as they announce the changes that they will be making to the hero.

According to Geoff Goodman, they have been tested the changes for D.Va for some time now which means we might be close to seeing the new D.Va in action. He also reveals the changes that the hero will be receiving.

To start, Defense Matrix’s Energy Drain will be increased by 2x. D.Va will also be able to use her Fusion Cannons while flying now. The new ability that she will be getting is called the Micro Missiles where D.Va gets to launch a long salvo of small missiles that will explode upon impact and will deal damage to a small radius around them. This can be used while using the other abilities.

These will allow her to do more damage when needed.

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