Overwatch Cross-Play Not As Easy As We Think

Some of the top games already have cross-play support now so it made sense that fans of other games would want to see it happen to their favorite games as well. Overwatch fans have been hoping that the cross-play support will be added to the game soon but will it happen?

According to Wes Yanagi, while the idea of having cross-play for the game is compelling, he added that it is unlikely that it would happen for Overwatch anytime soon. While he wants to see it happen, implementing it is more difficult that it seems but said that they are looking at it.

While we won’t be seeing any cross-play soon, Nintendo Switch players will soon be able to get their hands on the game as the Overwatch’s Legendary Edition for the Nintendo Switch will be arriving on the 15th of October and will come with all 31 heroes and 28 maps.