Overwatch Archives 2020 Event Live Now Bringing Back Beloved Brawls

The Overwatch Archives 2020 event is live now so fans can now go back and play some of the previous stories.

Every week, one more Archives Brawls will be unlocked with two special challenge missions coming with it. This special Overwatch Archives 2020 event will go on from now until the 2nd of April. Players will be able to earn new cosmetics by taking part in the limited-time event. This year, the rewards will include Holi Symmetra, Rustclad Torbjorn, and Bear Mei.

On top fo that, there will also be given new Legendary skins and other cosmetics that players can unlock. Archives event is a good way for Blizzard to explain some fo the lore in the game although these ones are one archive, it will still be fun for players to revisit.

While things are getting exciting in-game, the developer has just announced that they will be canceling the Overwatch esports due to the coronavirus pandemic.