Overwatch: Anniversary Goodies Will Come With A Price

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When it comes to the loot box, it is all about your luck. If you are still missing a few key unlockable, Blizzard is now offering you a way to get them but be prepared to pay the price.

Players can now buy the unlockables using in-game credits. These credits can’t be bought with real money but you can get them from loot box drop which means you will need to stock up on those loot boxes if you want to collect more credits.

Fans of the game have calculated the total amount you will need to get all the items in the Anniversary Event. With 108 items to collect, fans will have to have more than 56,475 credit to get it all. That is a lot.

The best way to do it is to play and wait and the end of the event. Hopefully, you would have gotten most of the items that you need by then and you will only need to spend a little credit to get the rest of the items that you need.

The Anniversary Event will end on the 12th of June so you will still have some time.

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