Overwatch 2 Announced Took Fans By Surprise

There were some speculations on what Blizzard will be announced at BlizzCon this year but the one game that fans did not expect to hear an announcement from was Overwatch so we were all surprised by Blizzard came out to announce Overwatch 2.

Not too long ago, Blizzard said that they are not looking to release an Overwatch 2 as they feel like there is still a lot to offer on the current game and that they are committed to keeping offering new updates for the game.

However, Overwatch 2 was then announced at BlizzCon 2019. While most of the features and play style will be carried over from the current game, there will also be a few new features. The new trailer showed continues with the story of the war that the first game started off with updated fans on the current situation. There was also a little gameplay in the video.

It was also announced that there will be a new Push PvP mode along with some new heroes.