Overkills The Walking Dead: Are You Optimistic?

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There are many fans that are optimistic that Overkill is going to be able to do a good job with The Walking Dead. This is based on what they did with PayDay. But how optimistic are you that the game will come out this year, or not?

The Walking Dead was supposed to be coming out last year but then it got delayed and the developer said that this was due to them wanting to add in more content to the game. It had been said that the game would be coming our way during late 2017 but will it still come out this year?

Gamers waiting for its arrival seem to think that it is doubtful that the game will arrive this year at all. Even if more content had to be added, that content should now have been completed and we should have heard something about it.

The developers have remained very quiet about The Walking Dead and some people are now afraid that it isn’t anywhere near to being released.

The Walking Dead is said to be a co-op game and it is about survival along with role playing and some stealth thrown in. But how optimistic are you that we will see it arrive this year?

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