OUYA Android Gaming Console $109, Pre-Order Now

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The Kickstarter for the OUYA, which is the gaming console running on Android, ended last night with money raised being around the $8.5 million mark. If you failed to back the gaming console with Tegra 3 power, don’t worry as pre-orders for devices are being taken by OUYA from today.

OUYA: Android gaming console to take on Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii & PS3 with lower price tag

If you live in the US you are able to get a controller and the games console for $109 and this is inclusive of the shipping costs. However if you live anywhere else you would have to add on another $10 to the cost to get your hands on the device when it ships.

OUYA are set in their vision to take on the most established giants in the world of consoles. However whether it will have the energy to get off the starting block and outlast competitors we will have to wait and see.

So will you be heading over to the website and pre-ordering the OUYA or would you rather stick with your PlayStation or Xbox 360? Bearing in mind that the OUYA costs only a fraction of these consoles and games are likely to also follow the same pricing philosophy.

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