Operation: Tango Saving The World Together With Your Friend

If you are looking for a new game that you can play with a friend, the upcoming Operation: Tango might be up your alley.

Announced this week, the new game was announced with a new gameplay trailer. From what we understand, the game will be a two-player game where one is an agent while the other is a hacker and they must work together to progress in the game.

We can see that the agent will have to be out and about taking all the risks while the hacker will have to assist them by unlocking doors, controlling cameras and making sure the agent can complete the tasks. Players will have to communicate with each other to solve the puzzles. There will be a few levels to play through each with different styles and challenges.

The game will be arriving on PS4, Xbox One, and PC in 2021 although no actual date has been announced yet.