Open-World Harry Potter Game Leaked With Footage?

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Harry Potter fans have been waiting for a real Harry Potter game to arrive for years now and while there was no announcement, it looks like Warner Bros. Interactive might be working on something.

A video was posted on Reddit this week. The original poster claimed that the video is of the new Harry Potter game. The video showed what looked like character creation, spell casting, and an open-world environment.

Warners Bros has removed the video from YouTube but there are still mirrored version of it out there to watch. The quality is of course not the best but for the fans, it won’t really matter as long as it is genuine.

The OP also added that players will be playing as a fifth-year student that will have to investigate a mystery in the Forbidden Woods. Players can explore the world on their own and choose to do good or join the dark side.

No word on when we will be seeing the game.

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