Opel Set Electric Goals, Looking At 2021

Opel will have a lot of electric vehicles to offer soon as the automaker announces their plans for the future.

According to Opel, they are looking to offer about eight electrified vehicles by 2021. As part of their PACE! company plan, we will be seeing their lineup turn into an electrified lineup by 2024. According to Opel, they plan to start off with the Corsa-E and Grandland X Hybrid4 which will be coming in this year before moving forward and added more electric models to their lineup.

The first electric vehicles will be battery-electric versions of the Vivaro transporter along with a successor to the Mokka X. Also in their plan is the electric version of the Combo and Combo Life.

We won’t be seeing change only on Opel’s side as PSA fans to electrify the other brands by 2025 and that includes Peugeot, Citroen, DS, and Vauxhall.