OnePlus 6 Will Let Users Decide If They Want The Notch Or Not

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The Apple iPhone X was released with the notch in the front last year and this year, we see more and more Android device getting fitted with the notch in the front. While we do understand why the notch is needed, not everybody seems to be on board.

To please everybody, OnePlus has now revealed that their OnePlus 6 will come with a setting that would allow users to hide the notch if they don’t like it. According to OnePlus, the system will remove the notch by adding a black car on the top to fill up the screen space on the side so that it looks like the notch is not there anymore.

We are still waiting for OnePlus to reveal more about the device. As of now, we know that it is coming and we have already seen the design but we do not know when it will be arriving. Most people believe that it will be arriving in June although new rumors seem to suggest that it might arrive earlier this year.

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