Oneplus 6 Revealed: Say It Ain’t So! [PICS]

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When the first few images of the Apple iPhone X was leaked, people were horrified that Apple would even consider invading the screen space with the notch on the top but now that the Apple iPhone X is selling well, it looks like the other smartphone manufacturer might follow suit.

New images of what many believe is the OnePlus 6 has been revealed and the first thing that people notice was how similar the device looked to the new Apple iPhone X. They even copied the notched on the top.

Of course, some people were happy with the design but others were horrified. Of course, this could be an early prototype and the actual model might not look like this.

If the new OnePlus 6 does end up looking like this, would you consider getting one? There is still a lot of missing details and false rumors right now so take this with a pinch of salt.

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