OnePlus 6 Looks Stunning In New Color

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To keep thing fresh, OnePlus has announced that their flagship, the OnePlus 6 will not be getting a new color option.

If you are still thinking about getting the OnePlus 6 device, there is now a new color option for you to choose from. The device will be offered in a nice cozy Red shade that is not too bright but not too dark and boring as well.

According to OnePlus, the new color uses a new film coating process that has never been used before to give it that glossy transparent look. Although the new color would cost them $5 more per device, OnePlus has added that the price for the Red version will remain the same as all the other colors.

The new Red OnePlus 6 will be released on the 10th of July and will be sold for $579. Besides the color, everything else will remain the same. You can check out their revealed video below and see if the Red is to your liking.

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