OnePlus 5T Won’t Go Wireless, Makes More Sense

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With most of the premium smartphones now offering wireless charging, it was a surprise to learn that OnePlus do not plan to offer it on their new OnePlus 5T model.

However, after listening to what OnePlus has to say about their decision, we can’t help but agree that it made more sense to not have wireless charging. According to OnePlus, the wireless charging pads only have 15watts of power to offer but their Dash Charge can offer about 20watts of power which means it will be faster to charge it the normal way.

They also added that wireless charging just does not make sense for those that use their phone to watch video or play games while charging since you can’t do that with wireless charging.

They said that they did consider it and that they will offer it if the time is right but it is clear that they don’t think now is the right time.

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