OnePlus 5 Will Offer Update For Emergency Glitch Soon

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As good as the OnePlus 5 is, there were also a whole bunch of issues with the device that OnePlus had to fix. The latest reports were about the device not being able to dial emergency numbers like 999 or 911.

Well, OnePlus has responded to the complaints and has announced that they are aware of the issue and is working on resolving the glitch. They also added that the software update will be released real soon.

Not being able to call the emergency number could cost the user their life so it was important that OnePlus get the issue fix as soon as possible. While many people might think that this is an isolated case, some people still remember that this was the same issue that OnePlus had when they first release the OnePlus One. The bug was fixed soon after.

Not all device had the emergency number bug so you should test it out for yourself to see if you are affected.

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