OnePlus 5 Jelly Display Is Part Of The Device

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Soon after the OnePlus 5 was released, a few users reported that there seems to be a bug with the display. Initially, it was thought that the “Jelly” display was just a bug and that OnePlus will release a fix for it soon but new reports suggest that it is not a bug and that users might be stuck with it.

According to the reports, the display is natural and that it normal for the devices to look that way. OnePlus later added that the “issue is not a QA or manufacturing defect”

If that is the case, users can forget about seeing a patch that will help them fix the device. Of course, some owners are still hoping that OnePlus would release a tweak to reduce the effect of the display but we don’t know when that would be arriving.

Now that you know it is part of the device, would that affect your decision?

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