OnePlus 3 Successor Could Take Galaxy Note 7 Path

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The successor to the OnePlus 3 may well go down the same pathway as the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. We say this due to the fact that the number 4 is said to be bad luck in China, should the OnePlus skip a number due to this then it could end up like the Samsung. They skipped the Note 6 and went for the Note 7 instead and we all know how that ended up.

The OnePlus 3 arrived and then the OnePlus 3T and both looked almost the same. The 3T offered up higher specs of course and it offered a bigger battery along with sapphire camera lens and the choice of a 128GB version.

The OnePlus 4 should make its way out in June; however it may not have the name of the four. A rumour has said that it could be called the OnePlus 5. This is to skip the unlucky number 4 and it has been said that it may be made of ceramic.

Vivo also skipped the number four as they didn’t offer a Vivo V4 after the V3, instead they moved on to the Vivo V5. Again said to be down to the fact that the number 4 is unlucky in China.

So do you think that the OnePlus 4 is going to be called the OnePlus 5 instead?

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