One Game That Could Change Xbox One For All Times

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The title of this post may be bold but we do think that the game could actually change the Xbox One forever as it could turn away from always on and DRM. The game we are talking about here is Crackdown 3.

But if Crackdown 3 could do this, why would the people who are behind the Xbox One choose to ignore it? One reason could be that people tend to get used to things and they don’t like to change. People also take them for granted and perhaps the people behind the Xbox One may understand this.

Crackdown 3 may be a physical game and it could be able to compute power with memory on demand. This could make the game as destructible as people would like the game to be.

The Cloud engine and Microsoft Azure means that they would allow the game to have 13 times the physics power and it could allow the Xbox One reverse data, which means that it would be a big makeover for the Xbox One.