One Game That Could Change The Xbox One For All Time

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While you might think this is a bold statement there may be a game that could be about to change the Xbox One for all time. We say this as it may arrive and turn away from the always on option along with DRM. So what is this game? Its Crackdown 3.

If Crackdown 3 is such a good game then why would those behind the Xbox One ignore it? A good reason is that people do get used to things and people don’t like making changes. Another reason comes down to taking things for granted and the people who are behind the Xbox One may know this.

Crackdown 3 is something of a physical game and it can computer power with memory on demand. This would make the game as destructible as people wanted it to be.

With the Cloud engine and Microsoft Azure, the game would come with 13 times the amount of physics power. The Xbox One could be able to reverse data and this is going to be a big makeover for the Xbox One.

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