Oculus Rift Finally Addresses Budget Conscious Consumers

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There were a few reasons why the Oculus Rift wasn’t as successful as we thought it will be despite the fact that they were the first to offer such a tech. One of the reason is the price of the device.

As a VR Headset, the Oculus Rift is pretty impressive but it is also very expensive and if you take into consideration the fact that users will also have to own a PC that is powerful enough, a lot of people felt that it wasn’t worth it at the end of the day.

To solve that problem, some reports are now claiming that Oculus might be working on a new headset that will not only be cheaper but it will be much easier to use as well.

Bloomberg reported that the new Oculus VR headset will come with a $200 price tag and that Oculus will be working with Xiaomi to produce a wireless VR headset that will come in to sit below their current Rift but on top of the cheaper VR headset like the Samsung Gear VR.

It is said that the VR system will be running on a Qualcomm mobile chip.

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