Nougat Is Better On Samsung Galaxy S6 Than S7

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Samsung haven’t given up on the Samsung Galaxy S6 despite them having launched newer handsets. They have been sending out updates to fix issues that are ongoing with the device and it will then be better able to enjoy all that Android Nougat has to offer.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 is getting on but the update to Android could help it deal with the many issues it has that owners are fed up of suffering. One of the worst is the battery life of the device and Android Nougat would help with this as it comes with the resolution switch.

When the Samsung Galaxy S6 gets Nougat it is going to be better on the older handset than it is on the Samsung Galaxy S7.

We say this as the S7 comes with better hardware that makes the battery last longer and so it would not benefit as much from the resolution switch as the Samsung Galaxy S6.