If Windows Phone 8 Fails, Nokia To Build Android Phones (GSMA)

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In the unlikely event that Windows Phone 8 should fail, Nokia has a safety net in place to fall back onto. Nokia have been rejecting the chance that they would put Android into their phones if Windows 8 failed, but apparently in an interview which was shown on Finnish TV, a member of the board at Nokia said that this is indeed their back up plan, reports GSMArena. This means that they would put Android into their phones.

If Windows Phone 8 fails, Nokia will produce Android phones (GSMArena)

On the other hand he did go onto say that at the moment the company was very happy with how things looked for the Windows Phone 8 OS, therefore plan B will perhaps never come to fruition. Both Nokia and Microsoft are hoping that the new features and lack of bugs in the new OS will turn things positive.

If Nokia should choose to go with Android it would make many people happy as this could means some very high end handsets coming on to the market. This however seems less and less likely as the contract signed by both parties is thought to contain certain clauses which would mean that the Finnish would have to do everything in their power to focus their efforts on Windows Phone.

Given the sad state of RIM’s BlackBerry, it is good to know that Nokia has a backup plan instead of just betting on the losing horse with hopes that it will magically win the race.

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