Nokia Raises Doubts Over Snapdragon 835 Flagship

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The Nokia 6, which has been launched in China only is thought to be just the start of a smartphone portfolio from the company that is HMD supervised with global aspirations.

Android power users got excited recently when rumours began surfacing about the Nokia P1 ultra-flagship handset that is based around the Sharp Aquos phone, only available in Japan. The same handset was confirmed on Weibo and Nokia incited a fan into patience. HMD does have to take time to put the Snapdragon 835 processor into a commercial handset, just as other phone makers.

However it is thought that the Snapdragon 835 flagship handset from Nokia is going to arrive at some point. Possibly it may be announced on 26 February and the launch of it could be as soon as March or April.

Nokia did say that when that time comes it is going to be made public, this came through translation on a post on Weibo. The new Nokia handset does have us believe that Windows devices may arrive too, possibly by way of tablets. It could of course be that they are simply covering all PR bases and we are going to have to wait a few more weeks to find out at Barcelona.

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