Nokia Lumia 920 vs Samsung Galaxy S3: Last Phone Standing Is…

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The Nokia Lumia 920 has come up against the Samsung Galaxy S3 and Nokia want people to know just how durable their flagship is over Samsung’s, in a rather unusual challenge. So which of the two handsets can deal with being hit by a pitch?

Nokia Lumia 920 vs Samsung Galaxy S3: durability

The Samsung Galaxy S3 doesn’t come out so well, as you might expect. When the device is hit by the machine pitching the ball the cover on the back comes off and the display shatters.

The Nokia Lumia 90 on the other hand comes out better. The baseball hits it and there is not one mark on the device. The handset even continues to capture video. This is not so surprising when you consider that the back of the device is polycarbonate and it has come up against worst things in the past.

When it comes to durability, well at least being hit by a baseball, the Nokia Lumia 920 comes out very well. The Samsung Galaxy line-up of handsets has sold around 100 million units and the Samsung Galaxy S3 is responsible for around 40 million of these. The Nokia Lumia line-up has sold around four million units within the last quarter and around 10 million since they were first introduced. Check out the test below.

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