Screw Specs, Nokia Lumia 920 Thinks It Can Beat iPhone 5 On Looks Alone

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The latest mobile phone maker to have a dig at Apple is Nokia. They have found a way to suggest that the iPhone 5 is drab looking compared to their Nokia Lumia 920 which comes in different colours.

Nokia Lumia 920 focuses on looks to beat iPhone 5 unlike Samsung Galaxy S3

The Nokia ad which is now on YouTube (see below), hints that the Lumia 920 is a better choice of handset thanks to the fact that it comes in a choice of bright colours. The iPhone 5 of course is only available in black and white. The ad is very artistic, though it does remind you of the ad from Motorola which suggested that Apple were nothing but mindless sheep that follow each other along.

The Nokia Lumia 920 comes in canary yellow, along with many more bright colours, but not everyone wants to carry a brightly coloured handset around with them and some say that bright colours make the device look cheap. The iPhone 5 of course is just available in black or white.

Of course it all comes down to taste and some will love the bright blue Nokia Lumia 920 or the canary yellow. Now what is interesting is the fact that the Nokia Lumia 920 does have one of the best display technology and a better low-light capable camera than any other smartphone on the market. However Nokia thinks that its looks will be enough to convince consumers to pick it over the iPhone 5.

Samsung didn’t feel that way with their Galaxy S3. The last row of Samsung Galaxy S3 ads focused on showing that the Android had more features than the iPhone 5 and that the “next big thing was already here” when the iPhone 5 was yet to hit stores. Check out the video below.

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