Nokia Lumia 920 Or iPhone 5? The People Have Spoken!

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Even though the Nokia Lumia 920 has not yet been released, advertising for it is already aimed at the iPhone 5.

Nokia Lumia 920 or iPhone 5: which is better?

Last month is was Samsung having a go at Apple and their iPhone 5 with “It doesn’t take a genius” ads. This time Nokia have taken to it with their own version of the ad, comparing the Nokia Lumia 920 to the “dull” iPhone 5.

Nokia have entitled their ad “Time to #switch” and it features a dreary city filled with people all of whom are waiting to purchase a handset with the number 5 on it. The ad then continues on with one of the customers asking for the 5 handset in yellow. This of course brings shock and horror to everyone around. The ad of course is taking a dig at Apple for offering the iPhone 5 in only black and white.

Marketing firms aside, what do the real tech experts out there actually have to say about the upcoming Nokia Lumia 920 and its odds against the iPhone 5?

Autoomobile’s own Dwayne Madden said that the Lumia 920 was the best Windows Phone 8 device around and that is had the specs to match the iPhone 5. He went on to say that the colour range was stunning and would definitely attract buyers to its already gorgeous styling.

Techthirst said that they felt the Nokia Lumia 920 scored better than the iPhone 5 thanks to its larger display and pixel resolution of 1280 x 768 in comparison to 1126 x 640. The Lumia 920 screen technology was basically ahead of what the iPhone 5 had to offer.

iDigitalTimes told us that the iPhone 5 had the better grade and the A6 processor beat other processors on the market when it came to speed tests. The Nokia Lumia 920, they said, looked to be promising and it was taking steps in new directions, but may not be enough to attract the same same fan base that was already smitten to the iPhone 5.

So it looks like we have a mix bunch of reviews. This of course is a good thing as the iPhone 5 will no doubt be the fastest selling smartphone of the year. So if some of the top experts out there believe the Nokia Lumia 920 has a shot, then it is certainly packing the right ingredients.

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