Nokia Lumia Walks Away From Torture Test Like A Boss

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Nokia handsets are well known to be tough and durable. But just how tough are they? Well it appears they are very tough, as the Nokia Lumia 900 was put through some very rigorous testing and came out on top.

Nokia Lumia 900 undergoes torture test

PhoneArena chose to put the handset to the test to find out just how well made the Lumia 900 really was. The tests included spending two hours locked in a freezer to the point where the device was covered in ice crystals and then putting it straight into an oven that was preheated to 200 degrees which was cooking chocolate chip cookies over a period of one hour.

The device also underwent a hammer and nail test, which meant the nail was hammered onto the display and also using the device to hammer the nail to a piece of wood. Then there was the old favourite of dropping the Nokia Lumia 900 from the roof of a moving car and the handset going for a swim in a swimming pool.

With the Nokia Lumia 920 set to hit stores in the coming weeks, it is good to see that the company never abandoned building solid devices when they made the move to the Windows platform. If the Nokia Lumia 920 is anything like this then it will certainly give the iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S3 a run for its money.

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