Can Nokia Lumia 920 Stop A Speeding Bullet? [VIDEO]

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The internet is filled with test videos on smartphones. They are very popular as people want to see if devices can come through torture tests and what shape they are left in. More often than not it is the top end phones that are put through tests, however you might not have seen one like this before, as it shows the Nokia Lumia 920 being put to the test against nothing less than an AK47 assault rifle.

Nokia Lumia 920 vs AK47

The majority of smartphone test videos are drop tests or battery tests and the occasional one of the device being run over by a vehicle. Often the handsets don’t fare too badly and generally they just suffer from broken glass and scratches and scrapes.

So how would a device manage if it was faced with taking bullet hits? Of course there isn’t a device in the world that could take this abuse. Therefore people are not going to be surprised when they see the outcome of the video featuring the Nokia Lumia 920 below.

Just why anyone would want to fire an assault rifle at a phone is anyone’s guess; they know that the device will not survive the assault. However there is something riveting about a bullet smashing through the display of the device, isn’t there?

Nevertheless the people who made the video were not satisfied with firing a bullet at the Nokia Lumia 920, they then choose to put explosives around the device and then fire again, totally destroying the beautiful handset. As the handset is not the cheapest of devices, you do have to wonder why someone would want to pay good money for it, only to destroy it.

So if you have ever wondered what a phone would look like if it is hit with a bullet then you may wish to check out the video below of the ultimate Nokia Lumia 920 torture test.

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