Nokia Lumia 920 Better Than S3 But Not iPhone 5?

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Nokia have put down the official price tag for their flagship Lumia 920 25% higher than Samsung did with their Galaxy S3. However some are asking whether Nokia will be able to explain why they did this when it may be their final chance to break into profits, which would secure their future. Coincidentally, Nokia was smart to price the Lumia 920 below the iPhone 5.

Nokia sets Lumia 920 price point: cheaper than iPhone 5 but will cost you more than a Samsung Galaxy S3

It might be hard for Nokia to explain why their Lumia 920 is dearer than the Samsung Galaxy S3 when it is very similar to the Android devices on the specs sheet. There is also the fact that the handsets runs on Windows Phone 8, which is currently less popular than Android. Nevertheless Nokia seems confident that their device is better than the Samsung Galaxy S3 and consumers will be ready to fork out more for one.

Nokia along with Swedish carriers will sell the Lumia 920 for 5,700 Swedish crowns, which is around $860. This is compared alongside the Samsung Galaxy S3 which can be purchased for 4,515 Swedish crowns. If you want the Lumia 920 in Italy then you will have to pay 599 Euros or $770, where the Galaxy S3 is 530 Euros. The Nokia Lumia 920 in Germany would set you back 649 Euros and the Samsung Galaxy S3 just 530 Euros.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 has been the phone to set prices that others have followed, apart from Apple, who sell the iPhone 5 for more than the S3. With Nokia having fallen behind in the smartphone market, and are playing catch up, it doesn’t make sense that they would price their handset so high. Nokia have seen operating losses of 3 billion Euros during the past 18 months and have cut around 10,000 jobs, along with having to sell some assets.

The Nokia Lumia 920 is their chance to catch up with the big boys and get back into the game, competing alongside the current two favorites – Samsung Galaxy S3 and the iPhone 5. The handset is sleek with rounded edges, colourful thanks to its covers, and hardware to match the best.

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