Nokia Lumia 920: More Disappointing Reviews

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Yesterday we reported on one of the first Nokia Lumia 920 reviews to hit the Web by the folks over at TheVerge who managed to get their hands on the WP8 phone early. As we mentioned, while the Nokia Lumia 920 is possibly the best Windows Phone to date, The Verge found that it fell below the current favorites – iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S3.

Another sub-par Nokia Lumia 920 review

Now the folks over at Engadget have given their verdict about the Nokia Lumia 920 and it is once again not as spectacular as we hoped.

Engadget believed that Nokia would be the best when it comes to hardware for Windows device, however they now tie with another contender in the form of the HTC 8X. The Nokia Lumia 920 feels to be a lot chunkier, even with the dimensions that are smaller, but it does happen to be a wonderful piece of hardware with the Nokia branding.

One of the reasons the shell is so large is the space needed for the PureView camera. This is excellent in low light and it has good optical stabilisation when it comes to photos and stills. These features were good; however shots that were well lit seemed to lack detail and clarity that was seen in earlier testing of the device. This meant they were somewhat smoothed out, whereas many phones suffer from over sharpening. Therefore they were a little disappointed with the PureView phone.

There is also some frustration when using SkyDrive, along with the limited way that you can share photos. This is something that Windows Phone will have to deal with if they want to be a viable 3rd choice in operating systems. When it comes to the display Nokia have done well, with good outdoor visibility thanks to contrast tweaks and added colour, from the ambient light sensor. The capacitive display can also be used when wearing gloves.

Nokia have said that the Lumia 902 is one of the most innovative handsets out right now and have included wireless charging, and the device has plenty to show. Windows Phone 8 gets a lot of things right; they have a superb map app, a browser that is fast and its simple to use, however there is a huge gaping hole in the selection of apps and this needs filling quickly.

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