Nokia Lumia 920 Reviews Not Great

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With the Nokia Lumia 920 now available for testing by tech gurus around the web, we’ve seen numerous critics put the latest Windows Phone through the hoops. The handset is one of the best of the Windows devices up to now, however it clearly falls below the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the Apple iPhone 5, suggests reviews.

Another sub-par Nokia Lumia 920 review

Following on from the disappointing review by The Verge where the Nokia Lumia 920 scored below the iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S3, Engadget have given their review about the Nokia Lumia 920, and it’s not as good as Nokia would have hoped it would be either.

Engadget explained that it would be the best handset for hardware on a device running Windows, if it had not been for the HTC 8X. The Nokia Lumia 920 feels chunky in the hand, regardless of the fact that the dimensions are actually smaller. Having said this it is a superb device and it does have the Nokia brand name.

The device comes with the PureView camera and this could be one of the reasons why the device is so large (and popular). The camera is superb in low light conditions and it has optical stabilisation that is good on both video and photos. While this is good, the downside is that when it comes to shots in normal light, detail seems to be lackin, along with clarity and this means that photos are somewhat smoothed out, compared to other devices that tend to have over sharpening. Due to this Engadget were disappointed with the camera, one of the most touted features of the Nokia Lumia 920.

SkyDrive was also another area which was disappointing. As was the very limited ways that photos could be shared. Windows Phone 8 will have to remedy this, if they want to play with iOS and Android.

Engadget concluded that Nokia have got a lot of things right with Windows Phone 8 – the map app is great, the browser is very fast and it is easy to use. However what lets it down is the hole in the choice of apps and this needs filling in fast.

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