Nokia Lumia 920 Review: The Ugly Side

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While we’ve touched on all the great features of the Nokia Lumia 920 in our lengthy reviews of the Windows Phone 8 device. It is now time to highlight the downsides and what this means to the final verdict. So let’s take a serious look at the poster child for Windows Phone 9 – the Nokia Lumia 920.

Nokia Lumia 920 review: the downsides & bottom line (Part 3)

The Nokia Lumia 920 at first glance, gets attention thanks to the loud colours, and they are sure to draw the crowd into the store of the carrier if they are in the window. However underneath the colourful exterior there is another side to the Lumia 920 and it’s not a pretty one.

One of the first things you notice when you get your hand on the device is that it is very heavy. It weighs in at 185 grams and this means that it weighs more than the larger Samsung Galaxy Note 2. The Note 2 is almost 16% taller than the Lumia 920 and 14% wider.

Another thing you will notice straight away is the thickness of the device. This is 14% thicker than the Note 2 and 20% thicker than the HTC One X. It is also 24 % thicker than the Samsung Galaxy S3 and a massive 41% thicker than the iPhone 5.

This means that while phones are typically getting thinner and lighter, Nokia have decided to head the opposite way with their flagship handset. The Lumia happens to be heavier and thicker than any other device on the market. On the plus side it is thinner than the Lumia 900, but 16% heavier.

Another gripe about the Nokia Lumia 920 is the wireless charging feature. Walking into the home or office and just placing a device onto a charging pad is a great idea, however if the wireless tech isn’t supported anywhere at the time and you need to get a Nokia wireless charging plate for each location you want to charge the device, or alternatively carry the plate with you and a power adapter, this feature isn’t all that appealing anymore.

You could say that the charging feature on the Lumia 920 is a burden. This is down to the fact that the charging coil only adds more weight and thickness to the device, and it was already too weighty and thick to start with.

The bottom line is that the Lumia 920 happens to be a great device in many aspects, but then fails in many others. This could be history repeating itself as we saw this with the Lumia 900 and the 800 versions. The Microsoft platform also has another problem and this is to do with apps.

At the Windows Phone 8 launch Microsoft said that 46 out of the top 50 apps on other platforms would be available on the Windows Phone. However what they failed to say was when exactly this would happen, and how many apps of the future will be available on the OS? There is simply no way of telling.

Then you have to take into account that apps that were designed initially for other platforms could come with issues on a Windows Phone device. This may be down to the fault of the developers and other times it can be blamed on limitations of the platform. Whichever, it doesn’t make any difference as it is the user that suffers.

The Windows Phone 8 platform does provide developers with new tools which they could use to build some superb apps and they could be great. Getting apps from other Microsoft platforms should also be easy due to shared code. However when or if this will happen is anyone’s guess.

Windows Phone is among the outstanding platforms and HTC, along with Nokia are making some great devices running the OS. However they have to be able to get past the app barrier if they want to encourage people away from Android and iOS.

First time buyers of smartphones are not likely to choose the Windows device over an Android or iPhone, when they see people around them with the latest iPhone 5 or Android handset.

Nokia and AT&T at the moment haven’t announced any pricing and there has been word that the Nokia Lumia 920 will undercut competition by around $50. There has also been a lot of advertising to show off the handset. However there is not any compelling reasons why you should get the Lumia 920 over one of the top handsets on the market at the moment. A recent review by both The Verge and Engadget ranked the Nokia Lumia 920 below the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S3.

The Nokia Lumia 920 may be a great device, however it does have its faults. On the positive side the handset is unique and it is sharp looking and performance has been improved over other Windows versions. The camera is also amazing. However do all of these things outweigh the limitations of Windows Phone 8? Probably not.

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