Nokia Nexus G: Android Jelly Bean Meets Sexy Lumia

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Some readers may be wondering what the title is all about, a Nokia Nexus handset? However details have emerged of a device that is called the Nokia Nexus G and it is a very impressive handset, with specs that are amazing, as you can see in the video posted at the bottom. What would you think about a 21 megapixel camera and Android Jelly Bean 4.3 encased in a Nokia Lumia like device? Are you drooling already?

Nokia Nexus G: Android Lumia Phone concept video

Before you get too excited we do have to say that this is only a concept device that has been designed by Bob Freking and it is not likely that Nokia will move from Windows Phone 8 to Android. However the concept does provide an interesting insight into what a pure Android Nokia Nexus device could bring us.

The handset comes with Jelly Bean 4.3, a quad core processor of 1.7GHz, 4.8 inch IPS LCD PureMotion HD+ screen, with a resolution of 1080p. The camera would be a 21 megapixel camera with PureView, it would have the technology from Carl Zeiss, Xenon flash, LED flash, take excellent photos in low light, have image sampling and have lossless zoom.

The Nokia Nexus Lumia comes with 128GB of storage internally and supports Nokia Rich Recording. It would come with a unibody case just like the Nokia Lumia 920 to ensure durability. It would be in polycarbonate along with being offered in a range of colours, including green, red, yellow and blue. You can check out the 1 minute long video to get a better idea of the concept device.

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