Nokia Lumia 920 Abruptly Pulled From Best Buy

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Best Buy was among the first retailers to put the Nokia Lumia 920 up for pre-order on their website on Sunday, but this Windows Phone 8 device has now mysteriously disappeared. If you carry out a search for the device you will not get any results reports CNET.

Nokia Lumia 920 abruptly removed from Best Buy

They supplied a link that takes you directly to the pre-order page of Best Buy, however all it says is “sold out”. There is a price of $149.99 for the 32GB version of the handset when taken with a contract over two years.

Just why the Nokia Lumia 920 isn’t listed online alongside other Windows Phones is a mystery. Generally even if handsets are sold out at the moment, they will remain in the search results and they show up on product pages.

Another strange factor is them saying that they have sold out of the device in what amounts to less than two days. However it could have been that their supply was very low, that’s the only answer to them having sold out.

LA Times has said that Best Buy could have accidentally revealed the price tag of the Nokia Lumia 920, along with the HTC 8X, as neither company has announced the price of the handsets at the moment.

The page for the HTC 8X is however still accessible and this shows the device with a price tag of $99 for the 8GB version.

PhoneArena meanwhile offered another suggestion as to the disappearance of the Nokia Lumia 920. They say that it could be a problem with the pre-order process. Those who purchased the handset were given 23rd or 24th October as the shipping date; however AT&T said that the device wouldn’t be on sale until November.

The Nokia Lumia 920 is without a doubt Nokia’s flagship and comes with a WXGA 4.5 inch resolution display with 1280×768 pixels. Nokia have improved their ClearBlack filter, and this is said to cut the glare down drastically. The Lumia 920 runs on the Qualcomm dual core Snapdragon processor, which is the same processor used on the Samsung Galaxy S3. The device is available on AT&T in the US and comes in a range of colours which include cyan, yellow, white, black and red.

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