Lumia 920 An Appetizer, Nokia’s Main Course Is An Android?

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Nokia may be very close to Microsoft and be supporters of Windows Phone; however it seems that they could be considering developing a phone that would run on the Android platform.

Nokia Lumia 920 may soon find an Android sibling

The Nokia Lumia 920 is a great smartphone however it is unlikely going to steal any real sales away from iOS or Android devices. Now that Nokia do have the world’s attention again when it comes to smartphones, what is their next move?

Nokia has posted a job ad with LinkedIn looking for a Linux expert who can work in a start-up environment. In the ad Nokia does state some “exciting new products” along with “mobile phone technology” being in the works.

The ad however on Friday became inaccessible and was made inactive. It had the title of “Principal Software Engineer, Embedded Linux Middleware.” The folks over at TomsHardware suggest that this may point to Nokia working on an Android device. However it is too soon to say anything more.

We will keep you posted as more develops.

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