Nokia Lumia 808 PureView With 41MP Camera Now Available In US

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For all you camera fanatics looking to buy a new phone, in exciting news today Nokia Lumia 808 PureView is now obtainable in the US.
Nokia Lumia 808 Pureview now available in the US via Amazon

The Symbian powered smartphone is going to be sold to US consumers via Amazon. The phone has an incredible 41MP camera which on paper trumps everything else on the market (if you judge camera quality based on megapixels count of course). So iff this sounds appealing to you, you will be paying just shy of $700 plus the cost of an AT&T plan in addition to a SIM card.

This device comes unlocked so you can use it on T-Mobile too if you wish to – however you can only use it on speeds of up to 2G if you go down that route so AT&T appears to be a better bet.

We first talked about the Nokia Lumia 808 Pureview a couple of months ago and stated that while it appeared to be a great smartphone, its biggest shortcoming was that it ran Symbian unlike other new top-end Nokia devices which go with Windows Phone. With that in mind, we are hoping that Nokia releases another 41MP smartphone running the Windows Phone OS real soon. That is the one to wait for.

Do you plan on ordering a Nokia Lumia 808 Pureview off Amazon US? Is so sound off in the comments below.

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