Nokia 235 Is The Upcoming Smartphone We’ve Been Waiting For?

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There seems to be a new Nokia phone in town, though we’re not exactly sure if it could be just a prototype of an in-development smartphone, or the real thing. We still can’t tell what we’re actually looking at, but judging from the overused watermarks on these two phones (as pictured above), at least we know Nokia’s onto something and we might just be seeing their next flagship very soon.

Rumours circling around the phone have been suggesting that it may be a dual-SIM model, based on what we could gauge from the handset’s thickness, and it looks rather substantial. And we’ve been hearing that 235 might just be their best indication as to what the model will be named after.


Also, we can’t help but to wonder about the models that are used for comparison here. They can’t exactly be of the same series right? That’s because the flash and speaker grille just aren’t in the right places when compared to each other, and the “home” button has really left us scratching our heads.

We would really like to know what is the message behind this leak, and until Nokia officially releases a statement, we’ll just have to make do with the picture and our assumptions.

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