No Spoilers Ahead: Star Wars Episode VIII Secrets Are Not In “Disney Infinity”

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Don’t worry if you haven’t watched the Star Wars movie yet, since it’s not a spoiler post, but still, why haven’t you watched it already! WATCH IT, and we shall stop putting everything in caps lock for you. So, if you’re wondering that the Disney Infinity gameplay has hidden away the most complex, unanswered questions from The Force Awakens, nope, you’re looking at the wrong way.

And this video below is the one that started all the complicated mess.

Apparently, Angry Joe’s video suggested that of Kylo Ren shouting, “Face me, Cousin!” to Rey in the game, but he later removed the video for avoiding further misinterpretations. But the Internet works way faster than anything in the world, hence people are still talking about it, and more speculations have arise in regards to their relationship in the galactic franchise. So, again, it’s “Face me, …Curses!” and not “Cousin”, as the previous voice clip is interrupted by the second.

We’re definitely certain that the game won’t spoil anything for you. Now, you can continue to play at peace.

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