No Man’s Sky: Would You Give It Another Chance?

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Everybody was excited to get their hands on No Man’s Sky when Hello Games first announced the game. With everything that the trailer promised the game would have, it certainly looked like the game will come in as the game to beat but that was far from what the game was when it was released.

Fans immediately notice the difference between the trailer and the actual game as it was clear that the game was far from what they promised. There were missing features and at the end of the day, instead of an intense space exploration game, all we got was a boring space exploration game and the fans were just over it within weeks.

However, we got to give it to Hello Games as instead of just giving up, they continued working on the game and since it’s released, they have added a lot of new features, and mode to the game. In fact, the next update would bring in the multiplayer mode.

As nice as that sounds, do you think it is a little too late now or do you think they can still convince the people to come back?

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